Hillary and The Future of America (17/07/2015)

flagOn May 12th I had a dream of a place where persecution started! I was in a place similar to an university auditorium, and there was a multitude of women there. They were all dressed in a very similar way, in a style or fashion which reminded me of the 1940’s, all of them were dressed very much alike.

Those women had been persuaded to follow certain standard of behavior! A women, the leader, was coming making the Nazi salutation. It was like as if she was a feminine version of Hitler himself. She had beauty and charisma, but was firm and terrible! She came upon each woman individually and gave the Nazi salutation, extending her arm. Woe to the woman that did not correspond. And I saw that this leader had a family, I saw her husband, he was a very passive man and she was in command. I knew who that woman was. She was, in fact, Hillary Clinton.

I understand that this vision refers to an authoritarian movement which, using ideological strength, seeks to impose a standard of behavior. This ideology is feminist and it wants to steal the true identity of women and their true role in family and society. I understand that today, in the United States, Hillary Clinton is personifying this type of mentality, she is exercising public leadership raising flags and standards contrary to freedom,  discarding the diverse expression of identity that the Lord gave to women.

I believe that a persecution, based on the feminist ideology, could come about, as Hillary Clinton rises to power. I also believe that this persecution could come about even if she does not rise to power, because a mentality and spiritual forces are operating behind the scene. And yet, I specially believe that this movement, contrary to the intentions of the Lord, does not need to happen. The Lord can stop this evil, bringing America back to the place of mercy and restoration! And for that, repentance and intercession are necessary.

Another Hillary

It was interesting that my dream went on! All of a sudden, I saw an older Hillary Clinton! She was more modern, and her dressing style was more modern too. She was oGraman another platform, similar to one you would find in a church. She was singing a Christian hymn, next to Julie Joyner [1]. The stage was very colorful, very different from the first one, in which the colors were opaque.

The Lord wishes to lead Hillary Clinton and American women to His altar, to worship Jesus! I believe Julie Joyner represents, in this vision, a person committed to Jesus, a woman that supports her husband, and chooses life. It is to this place that the Father wishes to bring the women of the nation, where they find their true freedom and identity.

I woke up from this experience at 9 o’clock! I believe that this timing is also significant, maybe referring to a complete period of gestation of a baby. The church needs to gestate this victory of the Lord over this malignant force, which is linked to the spirit of Jezebel, and establish a mindset of the Kingdom, in which the thoughts are led captive in obedience to Christ (2 Cor 10.4-5).

flechaThe Lord’s Arrow of Victory

(2 Kings 13.15-19)

Elisha said, “Get a bow and some arrows,” When Jehoash shot the first arrow, Elisha said: “The Lord’s arrow of victory!” Elisha continued: “Strike the ground.” He struck it three times and stopped. The man of God was angry with him and said, “You should have struck the ground five or six times; then you would have defeated Aram and completely destroyed it. But now you will defeat it only three times.”

Praying, I noticed the need to strike the ground of the United States! The Lord wishes to destroy strongholds in this territory and the Lord’s arrow of victory should produce an atomic effect, until the implosion of the powers installed on earth occurs. This is a call to prophetic intercessors and to kings. Take authority and use the arrows that the Lord places on your hands!

These arrows can be prayers! The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5.16). They could be words being prophesized over the land (Ezekiel 36.6). They could also be judicial decisions, government decisions! “… defending truth, humility, and justice.” (Psalms 45.4). 

“Your arrows are sharp, piercing your enemies’ hearts. The nations fall beneath your feet.”

Psalms 45.5

[1] Julie Joyner, together with her husband Rick, founded MorningStar Publications and Ministries. Julie is a worship leader.


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