January, February and March – Three Gates (12/1/16)

By Renato Pastene

As we approach 2017, it is important to recognize the beginning of the year as a time that can determine the rhythm and course of the rest of the year. The first few months will be critical if we want to align ourselves to the timing and ways of God!

Sheep Gateovelhas

Salvation, Pasture, & Abundant Life

The month of January refers to the Sheep Gate! It is the first Door, and is where things begin. Jesus said, “I am the door of the sheep.” Whoever enters by this door will be saved and will find pasture (John 10:7-8).

The start of the year is an invitation for us to go to Jesus and find pasture! It will be the most beneficial entrance for us, when we will be found by our own Shepherd and we will receive the sustenance necessary to continue the journey.

The Sheep Gate, in Jerusalem, was restored by the high priest Eliashib and by the other priests. This speaks to the restoration of the priestly function of the Church! In January, we need to understand the priesthood of all of the saints, in order for us to execute the tasks that will be placed before us. (This was one of the principles restored by Luther; a new revelation about the priesthood of the saints will come to the Church!).

Fish Gate

Evangelism, Harvest, and Multiplication

img_1921The Lord showed me a vision that the month of February in 2017 refers to the Fish Gate! It’s interesting that this is the second Gate to be cited in Nehemiah 3 (Nehemiah 3:3)! This Gate speaks about a time of favor for evangelism, the salvation of souls, and multiplication.

We need to cast our nets according to the word of Jesus, to the side that He points to, and we will have fantastic results (Luke 5:1-11). We need to understand that we are fishers of men and there is a great catch that is being prepared.

This Gate also speaks about multiplication. Entering by the Fish Gate in February speaks about finding the provision of the Lord for the advancement of his purposes in relation to the harvest of souls and the advance of the Kingdom. (Remember, it was in the mouth of a fish that came the provision for Jesus!).

The Old Gate

Wisdom, Maturity, and Life20151001_183154

The third Gate, referring to March, is the Old Gate! The name of this Gate in the original is Yasen, that means slow, to sleep, to die, to age, or remain a long time. This signifies something very important for 2017. In March is a moment to permit the seed to die, to let the old shell fall to the ground.

It is necessary to let things reach the point of maturity!

The Old Gate also says to look at the past with respect, and thereby receive new perspective for the future. We need to pass through this Gate somewhat old-fashioned, so that we acquire the wisdom and the legacy necessary for us to advance safely! (At the time hat we are going through a year of revival, it is interesting for us to look back at the revivals of the past, with William Seymor, Evan Roberts, and others.).