Trump and Trumpet – a choice to the US (19/10/16)

New York Times

On October 15th I woke up listening the word ‘Trump’ it was audibly inside me, in my spirit. It was almost audible to my physical ears! It was the very voice of God! The voice of the Almighty!

I woke up with that only word sounding loud: Trump! I heard that sound like a trumpet inside me it was a sound of victory, triumph! I have been searching the meaning of Trump in English (I am a Brazilian), and means trumpet or even trump!

Donald Trump is a trumpet! As a trumpet, Trump confronts the silence of political correctness and even a speech  of the Organization of the United Nations. They speak of peace but promote an unjust system.

If he wins the US elections, his victory will sound like a trumpet, marking a new season! It will be a season of radical changes and reestruturantes major twists to the US.

Just as I woke with the Lord’s voice, the sound of the a trumpet is to wake up the nation!

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